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Preservatives When The Food Is Fresher, It Is Longer
Jun 23, 2017

On the instant noodles of various rumors, carcinogenic, packaging and other toxic on the Internet has never stopped. From the high fat content, containing preservativess, additives unhealthy, to the bowl of instant noodles on the "wax" will be attached to the stomach wall, instant noodles from the inside out has been questioned.

Is instant noodles junk food?

Palm oil, preservativess and additives, instant noodles because they are junk food?

First, palm oil.

Rumors that the instant noodles of palm oil in the poor quality of vegetable oil, long-term consumption will result in excessive intake of human serum saturated fatty acids, resulting in cholesterol, triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein increased, causing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, Human health.

The saturated fatty acids of palm oil are relatively high, with good frying stability and oxidative stability. National standards, edible frying oil acid value of not more than 5%, some corporate standards far higher than this standard. Some studies have shown that palm oil and olive oil on the regulation of human blood lipids are the same, and saturated fatty acids and heart disease, ischemic and type 2 diabetes caused by death are not related.

Then say preservativess.

The role of food preservativess is to inhibit bacteria, mold and other microbial reproduction. If the food itself does not contain bacteria or mold, there is no need for preservativess. Instant noodles dried by frying or hot air drying, can be used by microbial moisture has been removed, so even without preservativess, it will never be corrupt, unless again in the storage of moisture, it is possible to grow mold. Instant noodle ads mentioned in the "no plus preservativess" is true.

Finally add additives.

Instant noodles in the food additives certainly indispensable, such as antioxidants. However, as long as the additives in line with national standards, the human health will not have such a strong impact. Otherwise the sale of a lot of things can not eat.

1, the product found in the preservatives, is normal. Because in most of the packaged food, or contact with the skin moisturizing skin care products, preservativess are the most basic addition ingredients. Imagine that if there is no preservatives, the microbes in the product are equal to no enemies, and in a humid environment, they can grow and grow, and then you wipe your face and eat into your stomach, and that is the greatest threat to health ;

2, of course, some preservativess are national or international banned to add, that part of the illegal additives, and found to be blocked;

3, according to the author's description, the detection of the preservatives CIT, MIT, is currently not recognized in the international ban on the addition, but according to the existing trend of development, the future is likely to be disabled or limited;

4, out of the dose to talk about injury is playing rogue. The biggest lack of quality report is that there is no marked dose. So there is no way to determine whether these products are unsafe. This is the first two days before the sprout has not been on the issue of the reasons.

5, it is certain that wet towels which must be added preservativess, but add what category, add the amount of weight, need further supervision. But all advertised can "hand use", "licking also peace of mind" products, you must pull black!

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