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Preservatives Low Price, Widely Used
Jun 14, 2017

In recent years, food safety has been pushing the hearts of the public, waste oil, Sudan red, clenbuterol, leather yogurt, antique moon cake and other news exposure endless. This also makes a variety of food additives gradually into the public vision, in particular, a reference to "preservativess", we just like to see "plague", dodging away. Asked a lot of people, get the answer is: "preservativess listen to the name to make people afraid, can make food does not corrupt, that the human body is certainly not a good thing. Otherwise, this antique moon cake will not be ten years not bad Think about how terrible it is if you eat the stomach!

In fact, preservativess in the food storage, transportation, a huge contribution to improve the shelf life of the low-cost guarantee, the market is difficult to find non-preservatives processing of food, but we do not know the type of preservativess Bale. preservativess and our daily diet are closely related to the existence of any things have a certain rationality, understanding and proper treatment of preservativess is the most responsible for the performance of health.

The state has the relevant legal requirements for preservativess, safety standards. For normal people, within the provisions of the allowable range is not harmful to the human body. Therefore, "talk about tiger (rot) discoloration" is not necessary.

preservativess are food additives that prevent the deterioration of food caused by microorganisms. Effectively avoid the food corruption, deterioration of the human body harm. So that preservativess for human health has made a great contribution.

According to the source can be divided into natural preservativess, chemical preservativess, including natural preservatives safety than chemical preservativess, such as L-malic acid, citric acid, tea polyphenols and so on. As the chemical preservativess cheap, widely used, the current market for chemical preservativess.

preservativess are not terrible, unscrupulous traders the most terrible

When it comes to the health hazards of preservativess, it must be related to the "quantity" of the problem, any toxicity, no amount of support are untenable, for example, often drink "water", a large number of short time Drinking water may also be water poisoning it

Therefore, for the preservatives in the state within the normal range, will not be harmful to health. In general, through regular channels to buy food, preservativess may be more than one case, and will not exceed the standard too much.

But we need to note that some undocumented small business hawkers processing of food (small workshops, three no products, etc.), due to the market monitoring and constraints, often appear to add excessive preservativess, this time, it is May cause harm to the body.

For preservativess, the pros and cons depends on the number of doses, healthy people according to national standards to buy qualified products, intake of some preservativess is not too worried, really no need to "talk about tiger (rot) color change."

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