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Preservatives Do Not Exceed Safety Dose
May 17, 2017

Over the years, the heat of food safety is high.

So, in some media catalysis, food preservatives became a target of public criticism. Many people think that preservatives are "poison", eating will damage the health.

Want to say is: food preservatives were wronged.

Was innocent of the preservative

When it comes to preservatives, people tend to think that it is harmful. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding.

We must first clear that: in a broad sense, any substance is toxic, leaving the dose to talk about toxicity is rogue.

Even in our lives indispensable water and oxygen, in the dose of sufficient conditions can also cause water poisoning and oxygen poisoning it!

Preservatives are no exception. Our country for food preservatives, developed a strict use of standards.

A preservative to stand out in countless kinds of anti-corrosion effects of the material, as approved by the use of "statutory preservatives", behind is a myriad of toxicology, metabolic research to support its safety.

It can be said that for normal adults, these preservatives are completely safe and do not affect health without exceeding the safe dose.

That someone would ask:

I eat a lot of food every day, each food preservatives together, will not be harmful?

Do not worry, the country has long been considering this problem.

The standard will take into account the proportion of each food in the daily diet, and then add the maximum allowable content of preservatives, if this is still far below the safe dose, can be formally developed as a standard.

If there are illegal traders ignore the standard, add a preservative?

If this is the case, it will indeed cause harm to health.

On the one hand, the state must strengthen supervision, on the other hand, as a consumer, we also try not to buy stall hawkers "three no food."

Long shelf life, does not mean that added preservatives

Food will be affected by microbial damage rot, it is not all the food have to add preservatives it?

This is not necessarily, some food comes with "no deterioration" halo, there is no need to add preservatives.

① food is not suitable for microbial survival

Some food, their environment is not suitable for microbial survival. Such foods do not add preservatives, shelf life can also be very long.

Its main ingredient is sugar - glucose and fructose, almost no water. Bacteria to such an environment, will be a lot of water and then dry - like salt to kill the same insects.

In this way, honey does not require any preservatives can also be easily preserved for more than 2 years.

② food has been "good micro-organisms" occupation, "bad micro-organisms" can not come

Some of the food itself is obtained through the fermentation, the food is full of dominant species, other bacteria simply can not be here "camp".

Yogurt lactic acid bacteria accounted for the vast majority, even if there are bacteria, it is difficult in this environment full of lactic acid bacteria to survive, let alone breeding.

So, yogurt is not added to the preservative.

③ food has been sterilized

Some foods have been killed before the sale of micro-organisms, in the aseptic packaging, the food environment can be done almost no micro-organisms.

In this way, the food can naturally put for a long time and not bad.

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