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Preservatives Avoid Irritation To The Skin
May 11, 2017

Preservatives are not terrible, on the contrary is a great role - the terrible is not understand the need for preservatives and blame the business to remove preservatives: do not discuss the great role of preservatives, as well as the specific size of preservatives and blindly blindly Clear, the last preservatives will be quietly re-appear in other forms you can not see, and not necessarily more secure, and more lack of proper supervision.

Specifically how to avoid the stimulation of the skin on the skin, we then look down.

1 preservative, no line okay?

To discuss the preservatives, we must discuss the bacteria.

"Preservative" the name is translated from the English "preservative", and preserve the word, in addition to "save", in fact, "pickled" means, so "preservative" initially means "pickled" process Added "salted ingredients" (mainly salt).

Later appeared in the skin care industry, began to learn from the food industry, the word, also the way the food in the "corruption" to borrow this meaning, became a "preservative": to prevent skin care products formula corrupt substances.

Once the pathogen does not only affect the appearance of the smell, more likely to lead to infection.

2 how can not step on the mine?

First, let's see how many preservatives, and their potential risks, and, above all, how to circumvent these risks.

Here are the main talk about the face of the skin care products, and shower gel, shampoo these after a few minutes of contact will be washed off the product relationship is not. That part of the product is basically no much of the problem of preservatives, if that are tangled you tangle endless.

Formaldehyde and formaldehyde release

Hear the formaldehyde I think we all panic. Yes, in the skin care industry at the beginning of the stage, there are manufacturers to their products by adding formaldehyde to prevent excessive growth of bacteria. Later, because of this practice caused a lot of stimulation and dermatitis, chemists began to try to use a very slow release of formaldehyde to replace the formaldehyde of the deity, so that both can inhibit the bacteria, there will not be a lot of formaldehyde and the human body contact.

Formaldehyde is so unpleasant, so people have been tangled these preservatives will not cause cancer, but fortunately so far there seems to be no particularly strong evidence.

The real thing to worry about is that this thing may be more sensitive to the skin more sensitive place is indeed a bit irritating, such as eye products, mask products and baby products.

This type of preservative typically has DMDM hydantoin, imidazolidinyl urea, bis (hydroxymethyl) imidazolidinyl urea - in short, with a "urea"

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