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Plastic Additive With A Light Weight, Corrosion Resistance, High Strength
Aug 03, 2017

Plastics are becoming the first choice for the construction industry. The construction industry must be persuasive in many ways, such as efficiency, quality, environment and fire. As a result, the world's largest plastic additive is used in this application area. Used in packaging processing of Plastic Additive ranked second.

Plastic packaging has become increasingly popular because it is lightweight, easy to handle, can be heated by microwave and visually appealing. Additives can be easily identified and the product is kept fresh and strong for a long time. Ceresana also predicted that the demand for Plastic Additive in the application area is increasing.

Fillers are the most commonly used additives for plastic processing. Plasticizers and pigments account for second and third. Plastic use in 2016 more than 16 million tons: filler can not change the main characteristics of the case to increase the number of materials mixture. To meet the exact needs of individual consumers, high-quality plastic production is also rising.

These highly filled plastics contain up to 85% of the filler, in many cases have excellent mechanical properties, even more cost-effective than conventional materials. Plasticizers are substances that are added to plastic to enhance flexibility, flexibility and flexibility in processing and use.

PVC manufacturers account for the highest proportion of global plasticizer demand. For example, they are used to produce windows or doors of profiles. Since PVC is brittle, hard and white materials, the world's largest amount of additives are used in this type of plastic to suit different applications.

Plastic has a light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength, excellent electrical properties, easy processing, etc., made by the appearance of a variety of beautiful, colorful products, has become people clothing, food, shelter, the line is essential Important material. However, plastic is not perfect, if some plastic is too brittle, some flammable, and some easy to static, etc., which must join a variety of additives (also known as additives) to improve the performance of plastic.

Additives are chemicals that are dispersed in the plastic molecular structure and do not seriously affect the molecular structure of the plastic, but can improve its nature or reduce the cost. Plastic Additive require high efficiency, compatibility, durability, chemical stability, non-toxic and inexpensive.

There are many varieties of Plastic Additive. There are antioxidants, plasticizers, light stabilizers, metal deactivators, impact modifiers and so on. Part of the raw materials must be added additives to do the finished plastic products. An antioxidant is a chemical additive that inhibits or delays the automatic oxidation reaction. A plasticizer is a substance that is added to a material (plastic, resin) to improve its workability, flexibility, and stretchability. Light stabilizer is a compound that inhibits light-induced degradation reactions. A metal deactivator is a compound capable of forming an inactive or almost inactive activity with a catalytically active metal. Lubricant is a compound that can reduce the frictional resistance between the parts of the product at the use temperature. This additive is particularly important for polyethylene films. The impact modifier is a polymer material that enhances the toughness of plastics.

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