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Food Emulsifier Reasonable Use
May 11, 2017

In the field of food, any previously unknown hazard is found to cause a high degree of concern. A recent study published in the journal Nature states that dietary Food Emulsifiers have an effect on mice intestinal bacteria and may contribute to the development of colitis and metabolic syndrome. What is the Food Emulsifier? What does it do? Does it really harm health? The author through in-depth analysis found that the contents of this study is not enough to "dietary Food Emulsifier" this category of food additives to determine the safety issues. The public can be concerned about, but there is no need to panic.

Is it so serious? To clarify this problem, have to talk about what is emulsified and Food Emulsifier.

Many foods have grease and water at the same time. But if the oil and water can not be integrated, it can not form a stable uniform food. Food Emulsifier molecules have some "hydrophilic" parts, while there are some "hydrophobic" parts. The hydrophilic part likes to stay in the water, the hydrophobic part likes to stay in the oil, the result of mutual compromise is that the Food Emulsifier molecules like to stay in the water and oil interface, so that part of the water to the water, hydrophobic that part In the oil.

If the oil is divided into a small oil droplets, the surface wrapped in a layer of Food Emulsifier, then they can evenly distributed in the water, which is commonly referred to as "water and milk blend" situation. Soy milk, milk is a typical example, the oil dispersed into droplets and let them exist, this process is "emulsified."

In food, emulsification is a widespread phenomenon, such as ice cream, milk powder, coffee mate, salad dressing, mayonnaise, etc., need to spread the grease evenly, otherwise people see a layer of shining oil, Will be more There are some high levels of solid food, such as cake and ham, but also need to emulsify the oil, and then into the plastic curing, so that the surface can not see the oil, it will not affect the appetite. There are some less water and less food system, the Food Emulsifier is the water dispersed into small droplets, evenly distributed in the oil, the typical is butter.

The role of Food Emulsifiers in food is not just emulsification. They can also interact with proteins or carbohydrates, change the interconnection between them, thereby improving the taste of food. Baked food, the rational use of Food Emulsifiers, other materials can not change the case to get a better taste. And some need to brew their own consumption of powdered food, such as milk powder or protein powder, by adding the appropriate Food Emulsifier can improve the dispersion performance, making the brewing more convenient.

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