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Food Emulsifier Multi-functional, High Efficiency, Easy To Use
Aug 14, 2017

With the development of food diversification, all kinds of bread in China's production increased year by year, and the variety of colorful varieties, such as bread, floss bread, milk bread, vitamin bread, bread is not only good taste, and nutrient-rich, because the production The main raw materials of bread are flour, sugar, eggs, oil, dairy products, so it has a high nutritional value,Food Emulsifier digestion and absorption rate is also high, resistant to storage, easy mechanization and mass production, easy to eat, suitable for different groups of people Demand, in the people's lives occupy an important position.

Although the bread is delicious, but in the production and storage, there will be mixed with raw materials, uneven emulsion and bread aging phenomenon, which will eventually affect the quality of bread. As the raw materials used in the preparation of bread dough oil and water, and oil and water have a strong surface tension, incompatible and the formation of a clear interface, so the production will be unstable emulsion,Food Emulsifier Of the bread texture is not delicate, rough organization, poor taste, easy aging and so on. In order to eliminate the above unfavorable factors, in the bread production and processing, adding a certain food emulsifier is essential.

Food emulsifier is a kind of surfactants with hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, which can significantly reduce the tension of the interface between oil and water to form uniform and stable dispersions or emulsions. It can be said that food emulsifiers are one kind Functional and efficient food additives, has become a modern food industry essential food additives, so in the bread processing process also plays an important role. With the rapid development of the food industry and the diversification of bread food, countries attach great importance to the development and production of food emulsifiers and food emulsifiers are also serialized, multi-functional, efficient, easy to use and other aspects of development, In the special and complex type of research, such as monoglycerides mixed with vegetable oil, adding amylase and protease, can be made at room temperature emulsification and dispersion of slurry, for bread and other baked goods, with good Of the anti-aging effect. Through a brief understanding of food emulsifiers, we can know that the main role of food emulsifiers in bread is:

1, the role of emulsification

Because of the amphoteric structure of the food emulsifier, after adding the food system can be adsorbed on the interface between oil and water, with hydrophilic and lipophilic base to connect water and oil to each other, so in the bread production and processing, adding a certain amount Of the food emulsifier, changing the interface of the adsorption force, reducing the interface tension, to prevent the repulsion of oil and water force, the mixing of raw materials can form a stable emulsion, so that the composition of the bread dough evenly, The bread is delicate and delicate.

2, the role of dough improvement

Bread in the production process to go through the dough modulation, dough fermentation, block, rubbing round, proofing, baking and other stages, adding a certain amount of food emulsifier in the different stages of bread production can improve the dough toughness, strength and stirring endurance,Food Emulsifier So that a variety of raw materials mixed evenly to form a homogeneous dough, thereby enhancing the fermentation endurance and wake up endurance, and can improve the dough of gas, to ensure the normal production of bread to prevent the production of bread collapse phenomenon, bread volume, Soft, thin and shiny, and thus improve the quality of bread.

3, anti-aging effect

Cereals made of food such as bread placed a few days later, will be hardened by the hard, loose tissue, rough, flavor also disappeared, this is the aging phenomenon. Aging is mainly caused by the starch, through practice that delay the aging of the bread is the most effective way to join the food emulsifier, because the food emulsifier in the bread modulation stage and the formation of complex baking stage, the starch swelling capacity is reduced,

The gelatinization temperature is increased so that more moisture is transferred to the gluten, thereby increasing the softness of the bread's heart and delaying the aging of the bread, so the food emulsifier is the ideal anti-aging agent and preservative for bread. Wo River complex emulsifier series of products according to the relationship between different emulsifiers and food ingredients, combined with a variety of single emulsifier different advantages, the use of better results.

In summary, in the bread production and processing of food emulsifier, can interact with starch and protein, not only played a role in emulsification, but also has a dough effect, can make the dough toughness, improve the dough stirring endurance, so that Conditioning powder extension, but also to promote the dispersion of oil in the dough, and grease together with the role of gluten network lubricant, is conducive to the expansion of the dough. But we know that the type of food emulsifier more, its surface activity and food ingredients have a certain relationship, such as through the food emulsifier and protein complexation in the bread production can strengthen the bread network structure, to prevent oil and water Separation of the resulting hardening, to maintain its flexibility,Food Emulsifier increase the volume and improve the taste, according to practical experience that the production of bread commonly used food emulsifier tartaric acid, diethyl ester glycerol, stearyl lactyl lactate, sodium stearate Esters, monoglycerides and the like.

In short, in the development of modern food industry, bread has other pasta do not have the unique, in order to produce people like a variety of different tastes, different shapes, different needs of the bread, it is necessary from the selection of raw materials, modulation , Processing and other aspects to be taken seriously, and food emulsifier is essential for the production of bread food additives.

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