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Food Emulsifier Increase The Delicate And Smooth Taste, Improve The Stability And Retention
Nov 06, 2017

In the modern food industry, any food hazards will cause consumers to pay high attention, after all, food is closely related to our lives. Recently, we found in the major search platform, there is a consumer search for food emulsifier whether there is harm, for consumers in the food use of food emulsifier in the hazard of the question, the following on the food emulsifier detailed introduction can be answered.

To answer this question, we first need to understand what food emulsifiers are, and how it is a standard for adding regulations in our country.

The academic food emulsifier is refers to can improve the emulsification system the surface tension between each constituent phase, forms the homogeneous dispersing body or the emulsifying body material, also is called the surfactant.

We can generally parse as follows: Pour water and oil in the same cup, will find a moment will appear stratification: One layer is water, and the other layer is oil, even if we are to stir, shake, static put a period of time, they will be layered. Water and oil can not be mixed, everyone is so understanding, but the role of food emulsifier, is to mix oil.

Most foods in the real world have oil and water at the same time. Oil and water cannot form stable and homogeneous foods if they are not integrated. and food emulsifier, some molecules "hydrophilic", while there are some "hydrophobic." The hydrophilic part likes to stay in the water, the hydrophobic part likes to stay in the oil, is involved in the compromise result, is the emulsifier molecule likes to stay in the water and the oil interface, lets the hydrophilic part go to the water, the hydrophobic part in the oil.

But the role of food emulsifier in the food is also a single emulsion. They can also interact with proteins or carbohydrates, altering their interconnection, and thus improving the taste of food. In the baking food, the starch can be complex, the better the structure of the flesh, increase food volume, anti-aging, preservation. In ice cream, it can prevent the formation of coarse ice crystals, increase the delicate and smooth taste, improve the stability of the security and so on.

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