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Food Emulsifier Improve The Flavor, Taste, Improve Food Quality
Jun 01, 2017

Food Emulsifier (emulsifier) is a class of compounds capable of forming a stable emulsion of a mixed liquid of two or more mutually incompatible components. It can improve the surface tension between the various constituent phases in the mixed solution to form a uniform emulsification system, thus stabilize the physical state of the food, improve the food organization structure, simplify and control the food processing process, improve the flavor, taste, improve food quality , To extend shelf life. The principle of the action is that during the emulsification process, the dispersed phase is dispersed in the continuous phase in the form of droplets (microns). The emulsifier reduces the interfacial tension of the components in the mixed system and forms a stronger film on the droplet surface Or an electric double layer is formed on the surface of the droplet due to the charge given by the emulsifier, preventing the droplets from accumulating with each other, thereby maintaining a uniform emulsion. From the point of view, the emulsion is still heterogeneous. The dispersed phase in the emulsion may be an aqueous phase, or it may be an oil phase, most of which is an oil phase. The continuous phase may be an oil phase, or it may be an aqueous phase, most of which is an aqueous phase.

Emulsifiers are widely used in food processing. We are exposed to some of the daily food products such as baked goods, starch products, ice cream, margarine, chocolate, candy, chewing gum, vegetable protein drinks, emulsified fragrance and other products are used. In terms of the effects obtained and the amount used, the emulsifier occupies a particularly important place in the food industry.

The food industry often use emulsifiers to achieve the purpose of emulsifying, dispersing, crisp, stabilizing, foaming or defoaming, thereby stabilizing the physical state of the food, improving the food organizational structure, improving the flavor and taste, making the color, It can also prevent the deterioration of food, simplify and control the food processing process and preservation, extend the shelf life, contribute to the development of new food, so the emulsifier has become an indispensable modern food industry, the food industry has become a harmonious body, improve the quality of food, Of food additives. Such as common ingredients in many common food is not compatible with each other, due to uneven mixing of the various components, resulting in food and water separation, baking food hard, chocolate and other phenomena, which affect the quality of food. The food emulsifier can solve the above problems or phenomena.

The amphiphilic nature of the molecular structure of the emulsifier makes the emulsifier have a special function of the effect of mixing with the oil and water. In addition to a typical surface activity, but also with the food carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, a special interaction, and play a variety of effects.

The surface activity of food emulsifiers and the special effects in food are combined with each other, and emulsifiers are widely used as a basis for food additives.

At present, due to the improvement of food processing technology, making the emulsifier in the food processing process plays a very important role, its use and dosage compared with other additives are among the best. The amount of emulsifier used in the food industry accounts for about 50% of the total food additive.

Especially in recent years, due to the increase in food processing, to promote the food processing to the mechanization, bulk, diversification, high-grade and other aspects of development, so that countries around the world demand for food emulsifiers increased year by year. According to statistics, the world every year to consume about 250000t food emulsifier. At present, the proportion of food emulsifier consumption is the largest proportion of glycerides, accounting for the total consumption of 2/3 ~ 3/4. In addition, the use of glycerides as the parent of the various derivatives of the application development is also more active. At present in Europe and the United States, the consumption of glyceride derivatives accounted for about 20% of glyceride consumption, of which the largest amount of polyglycerol fatty acid ester. However, polyglycerol fatty acid esters in China's emulsifier market, due to production technology problems, purity is generally not high, so that its application has been greatly limited. Sucrose fatty acid ester is an excellent food emulsifier, but because of the high price of the product, coupled with the purity is not high, it is difficult to use and popularize in high-end food.

With the rapid development of the food industry and the diversification of processed foods, countries around the world attach great importance to the development, research and production of food emulsifiers, especially the formulation of compound emulsifier products. In industrial developed countries, the development of food emulsifiers research, health inspection, production and sales, marketing and application has formed a complete system. Today, food emulsifiers are being serialized, versatile, efficient, easy to use and other aspects of development.

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