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Food Emulsifier Improve The Bread Organization, Extend The Shelf Life
Jul 05, 2017

The most commonly used Food Emulsifiers for bread quality are sodium stearyl lactylate (ssl), calcium stearoyl lactide (csl), diacetyl tartaric acid monoglyceride, sucrose fatty ester (se), distilled monoglyceride Dmg) and so on. Various Food Emulsifiers interact with starch and protein in flour to form complex complexes, enhance gluten, improve processing performance, improve bread tissue, extend shelf life and so on. The additions are generally 0.2% to 0.5% Flour).

1, stearyl lactylate / calcium (ssl / csl)

With the role of strong gluten fresh. On the one hand and the strong interaction of protein, the formation of gluten protein complex, so that the gluten network more detailed and flexible, improve the yeast fermentation dough gas, so that baked out of bread volume increased; the other hand, with the straight chain Starch interaction, the formation of insoluble complex, which inhibit the aging of amylose, keep baking bread freshness. Ssl / csl increase in bread volume at the same time, can improve the softness of bread, but with other Food Emulsifier complex use, its excellent effect will be weakened.

2, diacetyl tartaric acid monoglyceride (datem)

Can interact strongly with the protein, improve the gas holding capacity of the fermentation dough, thereby increasing the size and elasticity of bread, this effect is more obvious when preparing soft flour. If the single from the perspective of increasing the bread volume, datem in many of the Food Emulsifier effect is the best, but also an ideal alternative to potassium bromate alternatives.

3, sucrose fatty acid ester (se)

The most used in the bread quality improver is sucrose monofatty acid ester, which can improve the crisp bread, improve the starch paste viscosity and bread volume and honeycomb structure, and to prevent the role of aging. The use of cold dough to make bread, the addition of sucrose ester can effectively prevent dough cooling denaturation.

4, distilled monoglyceride (dmg)

The main function is as a bread tissue softener, anti-aging effect on the bread, and often used in conjunction with other Food Emulsifiers, the synergistic effect.

The role of food Food Emulsifiers

Increase the size of the product, so that the product bulky soft; keep the humidity, to prevent aging, easy processing, to extend shelf life. In the pastry so that fat evenly dispersed to prevent oil oozing, improve the taste, improve brittleness, and can reduce the amount of eggs (the amount is generally 0.3% to 1%)

1, ice cream

Enhance emulsification, shorten the mixing time. Is conducive to inflatable and stable foam, so that products produce tiny ice crystals and even the distribution of tiny bubbles, improve the volume, improve the thermal stability, resulting in texture dry, loose, shape and good, smooth surface of the ice cream products. The amount of 0.2% to 0.5%.

2, margarine

Improve oil and water compatibility, the water fully emulsified and dispersed to improve the stability of the emulsion, the amount of 0.1% to 0.5%.

3, chocolate

Increase the friction between the chocolate particles and mobility, reduce viscosity, enhance fat dispersion, to prevent blooming. Improve thermal stability, improve product surface smoothness.

4, candy

So that fat evenly dispersed, increase the mobility of sugar paste, easy to cut and separation, improve production efficiency, improve product texture, reduce viscosity, improve the taste.

5, chewing gum

Improve the bulk miscibility, uniformity, improve the plasticity, brittleness, to prevent the production of adhesive, so as to improve production efficiency, change spices emulsification and dispersion, enhance the flavor, the general water-in-water Food Emulsifier better. The amount of 0.5% to 1%.

6, vegetable protein drinks

Stabilize the grease without delamination and prepare a stable emulsion.

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