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Food Emulsifier Has A Higher Strength
Jul 14, 2017

Food Food Emulsifier are food additives that make immiscible liquids (such as oil and water) form stable emulsions. Food Food Emulsifier variety, wide range of applications, the total amount of food additives. Food Emulsifier dosage of about 1/2, is the food industry in the most used additives. However, a variety of single Food Emulsifiers tend to have the nature of the limitations, in order to give full play to the role of Food Emulsifiers, must be complex, to obtain synergies.

The first is the Food Emulsifier with different properties of the species complex, will produce synergistic effect, can be applied to cake oil and margarine and other products manufacturing;

The second is the Food Emulsifier, thickener, quality improvers, preservatives and other different functions of food additives together, play a multi-functional role, such as Food Emulsifier and thickener can be made into ice cream Emulsifying stabilizer, protein beverage stabilizer, Food Emulsifier, thickener, amylase and other ingredients can be made of bread improver;

The third is based on the processing technology on the special and the use of the need to an Food Emulsifier-based, add 1-2 or even a variety of fillers or dispersants as adjuvant to be compounded. The more widely used is the Food Emulsifier and other food additives.

Generally through the experiment to determine the use of Food Emulsifier compound method, but if the nature of the Food Emulsifier has a more comprehensive understanding, and master the principle of a certain combination, the use of skills, can achieve a multiplier effect. Food Emulsifier compound method has the following:

1, HLB value with high and low

When the low and high HLB value of the Food Emulsifier mixed use, the interface adsorption to form a "composite", to align closely, with high strength, which can be a good way to prevent coalescence, increase the stability of the emulsion.

2, with similar molecular structure

When the Food Emulsifier is mixed with another Food Emulsifier, the synergistic effect is obvious, especially when an Food Emulsifier is a derivative of another Food Emulsifier, the mixing of these two Food Emulsifiers often results in satisfactory results. For example, polyoxyethylene sorbitan fatty acid ester (Tween) is a derivative obtained by addition reaction of sorbitan fatty acid ester (spi, spi) and ethylene oxide under alkali catalysis. The structure of these two Food Emulsifiers (Tween and Span) is very similar, and if they are mixed in a certain proportion, an excellent compound Food Emulsifier can be obtained.

3, ion complementary

Depending on the performance of the hydrophilic group in water, the Food Emulsifier can be divided into ionic and nonionic, where phospholipids are the only amphoteric Food Emulsifiers that are recognized and licensed. In general, non-ionic Food Emulsifier emulsifying ability is a very good kind of Food Emulsifier, in the production practice, the ionic Food Emulsifier still has its unique advantages. It is better to mix the ionic Food Emulsifier and the nonionic Food Emulsifier than the nonionic Food Emulsifier, and the emulsifying activity and the surface activity will be stable for a long time.

4, hydrophilic group conformation complementary

& Quot; Hydrophilic Group Conformity Complementation & quot; refers to the use of Food Emulsifiers with different hydrophilic groups in the design of composite Food Emulsifier formulations in order to produce complementary advantages. For example, the hydrophilic groups of monoglycerides are linear, and the hydrophilic groups of the sucrose esters are cyclic. Mixing these two Food Emulsifiers can achieve better results.

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