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Food Emulsifier Can Improve The Surface Tension Between Various Components In The Emulsification System
Oct 26, 2017

Food emulsifier is a kind of food additive used in food processing.

Food emulsifier is to improve the emulsification system of various components of the surface tension between the formation of homogeneous dispersion or emulsifying substances, also known as surfactants. Or, food emulsifier added to the food can significantly reduce oil-water two-phase interfacial tension, so that the two-phase immiscible, such as oil, the formation of a stable emulsion of food additives, add a small amount can significantly reduce oil-water two-phase interfacial tension, produce emulsifying effect of food additives. Asymmetry between the two ends of the molecular structure: one end is the polar hydrophilic base, the end is non-polar hydrophobic base, so the emulsifier is hydrophilic oil.

At present, food emulsifier, food thickening agent is to improve the quality of frozen foods mainstream additives, different additives its efficacy is different. In the freezing process of frozen product, because of the linear fatty acid long chain in the molecule of emulsifier, it can be connected with amylose and become a spiral compound, thus reducing the crystallinity of starch molecule. Because of its complexation with gluten protein, the structure of gluten network is strengthened and the toughness and tensile strength of the surface are increased. Different emulsifiers, their efficacy in frozen food is not exactly the same. Emulsifier in the production of dumplings can improve the yield of dumplings, improve surface finish. The production of steamed bread with emulsifier can enhance the gluten strength, so that the finished surface is clean, and effective preservation of water, increase the volume of the product, improve the internal structure and taste as well as in the storage and transportation process to prevent the occurrence of water loss, inhibit the production of hardened slag and improve the complex steam. In the frozen dumpling, emulsifier can be used to improve the resistance to cooking, adapt to the needs of modern microwave food.

Single additives often only meet the requirements of some quality improvement, in addition to different food systems and processing technology, the interaction between the different food ingredients, the effect of a great difference, so the study of a variety of additives together to achieve a comprehensive role in the product is the target of the additive industry.

With the continuous improvement of the living standard of our people, consumers ' demand for food is not only limited to the rich and reasonable nutritional value, but also requires the food to be satisfactory in terms of appearance, color, aroma, taste, freshness and other sensory features. To meet the needs of consumers, on the one hand to control and improve food raw materials, processing technology, packaging technology and storage methods, on the other hand, add food additives.

Emulsifier, as a kind of food additive, plays an important role in the food processing industry and is an important part of the modern food industry, accounting for about half of the total food additive. Emulsifier is a kind of surfactants with hydrophilic base and oil base, which can reduce the surface active tension of oil droplets, reduce the surface energy of the system and stabilize the dispersing system. Emulsifier can make the insoluble matter and water fully fused, increase the two-phase interface, forming a uniform emulsion. Emulsifier, based on its surface activity and interaction with food components, can not only play the role of emulsifying, dispersing, lubricating and stabilizing in the process of food processing, but also can improve the quality and stability of food.

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