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Food Emulsifier An Important Part Of The Modern Food Industry
Aug 03, 2017

Food Emulsifier as a class of food additives, in the food industry plays an important role, it is an important part of the modern food industry, the demand in the food industry accounts for about 50% of additives.

Food Food Emulsifiers that have been approved for use in China include SPAN, TWEEN, sodium stearyl lactate, calcium stearyl lactylate, triglyceride, propylene glycol fatty acid esters, sucrose esters, soybean phospholipids, Acid monoglycerides and so on more than 30 products, China's Food Emulsifier products more than 30,000 tons, the world's food Food Emulsifier consumption has more than 400,000 tons. China's food Food Emulsifier products and the amount of the product is far less than abroad. The development of a variety of functions of the new varieties of Food Emulsifiers, rich Chinese food Food Emulsifier intrinsic function should become the industry to develop new products concept.

China's liquid Food Emulsifier product variety is not much, the existing products are: liquid monoglycerides (ie, oleic acid glyceride), soybean phospholipids (decolorization and carboxylation of phospholipids), Tween series of products, Or sodecanoic acid) glycerides and other products, product varieties are not only small, and the product color, smell, taste is not ideal, no good product appears. From the Chinese food market demand, fragrance and fragrance, beverages, cold drinks products, oil products, health care products such as the urgent need for a good liquid Food Emulsifier appears. Therefore, the development of liquid Food Emulsifier products of polyglycerol fatty acid esters can meet this demand, the product will be very good market prospects.

Food Food Emulsifier is one of the most important additives in food, not only has a typical surface activity, but also combined with starch to prevent aging, with the role of protein to improve the dough network structure, improve product moisture resistance, increase starch and protein lubrication, Promote the dispersion of the liquid, reduce the surface tension of the liquid and solid, stabilize the bubbles and be able to improve the fat crystals.

Because food ingredients are more complex, food Food Emulsifiers involved in the formation of emulsions are often required to be safe and edible and have good compatibility with other food ingredients.

Food Emulsifier as a class of food additives, in the food processing industry plays an important role, is an important part of the modern food industry, accounting for about half of the total food additives. Food Emulsifier is a kind of surfactant with hydrophilic and lipophilic groups, which can reduce the surface active tension of oil droplets and reduce the surface energy of the system, so that the dispersion can be stabilized. Food Emulsifier can make water-insoluble substances and water fully integrated, increase the two-phase interface, the formation of uniform emulsion. Food Emulsifier based on its surface activity and the interaction with the food components, not only in the food processing process from the emulsification, dispersion, lubrication and stability and so on, but also play a role in improving food quality and stability.

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