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Food Additives Scientific, Reasonable And Efficient Boost The Healthy Development Of Food
Oct 11, 2017

Because the current price of food and related industry prices have been rising, consumer demand is also intangible concerns, because the main consumer has changed, the food additives science, reasonable and efficient boost food healthy development, so that human beings can not enjoy delicious food Food additives.

1. scientific consumption

Long-term consumption, children and the elderly and adults need food is not the same, that is, different regions of the consumer needs food is not the same, that is, people in the north to Sichuan to eat hot pot will produce disease, unscientific consumption can not Determine the quality of food. Some food is harmful to the human body, but will not be because the digestion is not fully excreted, and then some food because of nutrient-rich long time to eat the body can not be excreted,Food Additives the accumulation of food in the body caused by some changes in the function or tumor formation, deterioration The formation of the so-called life-threatening lesions.

2. where the food is not properly poisoned

Animal experiment is the method of judging the toxicity of food, but it is not entirely accurate, vary from person to person, can not be consistent with people. Once a farmer to eat the wrong medicine, the enemy dichlorvos when the drug drink well after the disease, and later our village another person is sick and so the enemy dying results died. In fact,Food Additives a lot of food to eat properly, naturally will make people hurt, leeks and honey after the death of the fact that has been circulating for many years. As for the formation of some of the food between the toxicity is chronic or acute, according to different circumstances have different toxicity.

3. Safety is relative

We eat a lot of food is not eaten with food, such as cancer and cancer patients, eat chili, konjac and other food is extremely unsafe. Such as some people eat lamb to drink liquor is not safe, some people eat fire corn and dog meat is causing physical harm. The so-called qualified food can also cause unsafe factors,Food Additives such as some infectious food development, when some special food is consumed as unsafe. Absolutely safe when the food is not there, the safety is relative, the absolute safety is not, food relative to health is inevitable, security is relative.

4. The safety of the past is pseudo science

Because the results of food safety do not know, but has been too much nitrite to add food so many people leave the world, but no one concerned about. Past food problems, eat hard to find, scientific level is limited, how to report? Now the science and technology continue to improve, new technologies and new means of new intelligence continue to emerge, so that people are more and more, the whole of the whole things have increased. In fact, Food Additives some of the food in the past is extremely unsafe, when the child had eaten hundreds of millions of long-growing bread, if the number of insecurity today, the eighties to eat saccharin and synthetic pigment,Food Additives if today is how many Safety events, such as aging of the grain, long mold of fruit, we can buy on that year is good, into today is also insecurity. Today's 8090 consumer main few such experience, a small food safety events are their so-called assertion.

5. Information transparency to food consumption blind panic

Transparency is more and more thorough, the so-called food insecurity is bound to be more and more, this for many people can not say, because some bad people will use this information speculation, they only need to come faster, Brain thinking, and even intact to use bad words to improve the so-called worth, more and more transparent information, food let more and more that a lot of bad places,Food Additives the world is not perfect food, all the food Unsafe and safe aspects, such as some of the milk will be poisoned by consumption, some yogurt can cause harm to the human body, some rice will cause harm to the human body, vinegar will also have bad for the human body, etc., all the food it's the same.

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