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Food Additives Processing Into A Nutritional Balance, Safe And Reliable, Easy To Use
Nov 06, 2017

Food additive is one of the important factors affecting the development of food industry, with the increase of national economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the improvement of food quality and the richness of variety become more and more important. If you want to enrich the agricultural and sideline products as raw materials, processing into a nutritional balance, safe and reliable, easy to use, long shelf life, easy to carry packaging food, food additive use of essential.

The use of food additive plays an important role in the development of food industry, which can improve the flavor, regulate the nutrition ingredient, prevent the spoilage of food, improve the quality, make the processed food rich and colorful and meet the various needs of the consumers. But the use of science can have a lot of negative effects.

Compound food additive is a combination of 2 or more kinds of food additive materials, which is made up of a certain processing technology, which can improve food quality and facilitate food processing. It mainly includes the compound preservative, the compound emulsifier, the compound sweetener, the compound sour agent, the compound swelling agent, the compound coagulation agent, the compound color-matching agent and the compound defoaming agent.

Food additive plays an important role in modern food industry. It has played an important role in improving food color, aroma, taste and improving processing conditions, improving the quality of food and prolonging the shelf life of food, which is called the soul of modern food industry and has great potential of market development.

With the development and improvement of the application technology of food additive, it is more and more widely used in food additive, that is, the compound food additive. The compound use of food additive can overcome the shortcoming of single material, exert the advantages of each constituent material, its use is more obvious than the single food additive effect.

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