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Food Additives Modern Consumption Is Convenient And Hygienic
Jun 23, 2017

Food additives are indispensable in the production of soy products, they are in the soybean products nutrition, color flavor, processing technology and the development of new products and other aspects play an important role.

With the continuous development of the economy, the concept of consumer life is also progressing, the traditional way of production of soy products, packaging, food pathways have been far from being able to meet the modern consumer convenience, health, nutrition and other needs, and security , Convenient, functional soy products have been developed by the human.

Food additives on the one hand to improve the nutritional value of traditional soy products and color flavor, but also soybean processing technology and the development of new products such as the play has important significance, such as improving and improving the sensory nature of soybeans and raw materials Conducive to the preservation and transportation of soy products, extend the shelf life, to maintain or improve the nutritional value of soybeans, soybean processing is conducive to the operation, improve economic efficiency and social benefits.

With the development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of demand, the new varieties of coagulants are also emerging, for a long time, soy products often need to use coagulants to change some of the characteristics of legumes, such as gloss, water, hydrophobic Sex and so on.

Salt coagulant

Paste gypsum powder gypsum ripening on the solidification of bean products is different, if you do not affect the value of its sensory and nutritional value, are generally used plaster, and gypsum must be baked and developed into powder before use. In the food industry, the official name of gypsum powder is called "food additives calcium sulfate", commonly known as "edible gypsum", requires only the use of natural gypsum production, is strictly prohibited chemical gypsum add. Researchers to Shaoyang local flavor tofu as a benchmark, found in the tofu production: 1 liter of soy milk as a benchmark to plaster powder as a coagulant, add 1 gram of gypsum powder, 2 grams of konjac flour, 0.8 grams of fine stone ash, Under this condition the average yield of tofu can be increased by 18.5%, changing the traditional tofu production process in the fragile, poor toughness and other undesirable phenomena. The study found that soybeans and purple potato as the main raw material, through the traditional tofu process to produce new tofu, the best formula for: 500 grams of soybeans, 250 grams of purple potato, add 1000 ml of water to prepare soy milk juice and purple potato juice , Soy milk and purple potato juice ratio of 6: 1, gypsum amount of 3.5 grams, the temperature of 100 ℃, the product sensory characteristics of good, nutrient-rich unique.

Magnesium chloride can be used as a good soy protein coagulant. Before use, the application of water into a liquid, so that the protein in the milk can be condensed into a gel, the concentration required in the 6% -20%. The optimum technological parameters of the fresh soft soybean cheese were as follows: the addition amount of the fermentation agent was 0.02%, the addition amount of magnesium chloride was 0.20% and the salt content was 1.0%, and the yield of soybean cheese was higher And better product quality. The study found that soybeans, spinach, etc. as the main raw material, can produce green, nutrient-rich tofu, the production process: soy milk concentration of bean water to the ratio of 1:8, soy milk and spinach juice the best volume ratio of 4: 1 , With a volume fraction of 4% magnesium chloride as a coagulant. In view of the shortcomings of the reaction of tofu coagulant magnesium chloride in the process of soybean milk, the prepared water-in-oil type magnesium chloride emulsion was used as the coagulant to reduce the dispersing speed of magnesium chloride in soybean milk, and the tofu was compared with other kinds of tofu , To improve the tofu of the delicate degree, flavor better.

Acid coagulant

Acid coagulants are mainly composed of organic acids and fungi fermented inorganic acids, which include acetic acid, lactic acid, gluconic acid and citric acid and other organic acids, but in the actual production of relatively small. Gluconolactone is a new type of coagulant developed, soluble in water, as white crystals. Temperature control at 80 ℃ -90 ℃ when the solidification of soybean products, good nutritional value, dissolved in water will gradually be broken down into gluconic acid, continue to heat gluconic acid can make soybean protein coagulation, produce gluconolactone. The results showed that the formula of soybean dietary fiber biscuit was 88% of flour, 12% of soybean meal, 25% of fat, 35% of white sugar, 1% of baking soda, 0.6% of ammonium bicarbonate, , Δ-gluconolactone 1.2%, monoglyceride 0.6%, salt 0.4%, flavor and water amount. The results showed that the optimum processing technology was as follows: the amount of lotus seeds was 20%, the ratio of material to water was 1:10, the amount of white sugar was 5%, the dosage of β-cyclodextrin was 1.5%, the content of glucono-δ- The amount of lactone was 0.2%, the setting temperature was 78 ° C, and the setting time was 20 minutes.

Composite coagulant

Composite coagulant is a coagulant that artificially processes two or more components into a coagulant. These coagulants are produced with the need for the production of legumes, which compared with the traditional coagulant, can learn from each other to improve the quality of legume products. The results showed that the optimum coagulation conditions were as follows: the solid coagulation agent (gluconic acid - δ-lactone (GDL) and calcium chloride mass ratio of 2.5: 1) were studied by using soybean as raw material, Xanthan gum 0.08%, solidification temperature 85 ℃, solidification time of 30 minutes. After finishing the product has a strong bean flavor, delicate taste, moderate sweetness. (GSO), gypsum (CaSO4) and magnesium chloride were mixed in a certain proportion to form a composite coagulant, and the ratio of the three kinds of coagulants was determined as follows: (1) The effect of the coagulant on the tofu quality was studied. 5: 3: 2, the tofu production rate, water retention, protein content, tofu appearance, internal structure and flavor and other aspects are better than a single coagulant products tofu.

New coagulant

It is not only a good way to improve the flavor and quality of the products, but also to enhance the quality and quality of the products. It is not only a good way to improve the flavor and quality of the products. Species, while making beans more nutritious and nutritious, bright color. Researchers have developed a new biological tofu coagulant to investigate the effects of several water-soluble foodstuffs combined with microbial glutamine transaminase on the hardness of the whole cotyledon lactic acid bacteria tofu, and the optimal food gelatin, Microbial glutamine transaminase, the development of biological tofu coagulant, and its application to the total cotyledon lactic acid bacteria tofu, to achieve the purpose of improving the tofu gel and reduce the cost of the purpose. The results show that the emulsified coagulant can reduce the strength of the coagulant and the soybean protein and improve the spatial structure of the tofu gel, which can be improved to a certain extent by using the W / O and W / O / W emulsions. Reduce the physical loss of protein and soybean isoflavones during tofu processing, increase the amount of soybean isoflavones, and increase the brightness and whiteness of tofu gel.

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