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Food Additives It Is Good Enough
Aug 14, 2017

Food Additives, a mention of people to hate. What stained bread, a drop of incense, hanging white block, what can be the meat into the meat of the meat, it sounds angry! Buy a package of snacks, a look at the ingredients table, all do not understand the ingredients, I in the end is eating food or eating Food Additives ah! Is the nutrition department of the doctor will tell you, children do not eat too much stuff with Food Additives!

But unlike other food safety issues, people who speak good for food Food Additives are particularly large. Some people even called food Food Additives "the soul of the food industry"!

So, food Food Additives in the end there is no harm? Is it an angel or a devil? How can we identify?

What is the additive?

Before talking about poisonous poisoning, we first to figure out "what" problem.

Every time that the problem of Food Additives, the people first thought is melamine. But the experts will tell you that it is not a food additive, it is "illegal Food Additives", and food Food Additives according to the provisions of the use, are harmless.

"Illegal addiction" - every time I see the word, I will feel very painful eggs. Oh, can not be added to the "illegal addiction", can be added to the "food Food Additives", by! How do you see are rogue ah! For example, to demonstrate that "human nature is good", I gave a personal example of evil, the results you say - he did not deserve to do personal! Yes ah, the wicked are not people, so people are good thing! And then further asked why people are good? Because the good is the people - this TMD is a circular argument ah! The quadruped has four legs, which is always right, but it is always a nonsense. So, with the "illegal Food Additives" to explain the food Food Additives non-toxic, logical error!

So, talk about Food Additives, can not be excluded from the illegal Food Additives, according to our normal understanding, all active added to the food, in addition to the main material, should be counted as Food Additives. Yes, then we say, not the proper noun "food Food Additives", but food "add agent".

Why are the world full of Food Additives?

Why the Food Additives are not before, but now it is popular?

This is because the development of the food industry, in essence, is the division of labor in the production of refined! Adam Smith in the "Wealth of Nations" in the description of the needle factory, through the division of labor, 10 people can handle 48,000 per day, but if they do not work, each person from beginning to end needle, - The division of labor has greatly increased the output. Food production is also the case, food Food Additives, seasoning, color, fragrant, as well as adjust the taste, which is simply a division of food production division! Food Additives research and use, greatly improving the food output, for a point of view, it is Food Additives, so that food has become so cheap! Food Food Additives are also no wonder what is called "the soul of the food industry."

If you do not have food Food Additives, and do not say candy, the beverage may only have a color, the biscuit may fall off the teeth, the most terrible is the baby formula how to do? You go to see baby milk powder label, in addition to skim milk (or desalinated whey powder), the other almost all are Food Additives! Buy it, do not you add it for it?

Are there any Food Additives in the end?

There is no poison, the key in the dose.

how do I say this?

First, the dose is high enough, all things are toxic. Anything, eat more how much will be toxic. The so-called non-toxic, because the toxic dose is too high, eat the dose predecessors will be led to death, such as rice.

Second, the dose is low enough, all things are non-toxic. A good understanding of the previous, this one question will be more.

Does melamine be nontoxic? Tell true, the safe dose of melamine is very high, or why has been added, but has not eat trouble? The baby is eating because milk powder accounts for 100% of the baby's dietary structure (see "What is the truth of the melamine incident"). Is the Sudan Red non-toxic? Low dose really non-toxic, common food color sunset yellow, synthetic side effects will generate a small amount of Sudan red, detection can also be detected, but the dose is low enough, really harmless. Sulfur dioxide is always harmful! Sulfur dioxide on the respiratory tract is huge, but the toxicity of ingestion is small, commonly used in food, bleaching, color protection, anti-oxidation and other effects, wine is often added sulfur dioxide, to terminate the fermentation reaction. I have to give you the most exaggerated example, even the strongest poison - botulinum toxin, in the full dilution factor, you can safely hit the face, with hyaluronic acid anti-wrinkles.

So, there is no poison, can not be generalized, to specific issues specific analysis.

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