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Food Additives Improve The Quality Of Food, Extend The Shelf Life Of Food
Jul 14, 2017

The compound Food Additives is a combination of two or more kinds of Food Additives materials. The Food Additives is a compound prepared according to a certain processing technology, which can improve the quality of food and facilitate the processing of food. The It mainly includes compound preservative, compound emulsifier, compound sweetener, complex sour agent, compound leavening agent, compound coagulant, compound coloring agent and compound defoamer.

In the modern food industry, Food Additivess play an important role. It has an important role in improving the color, smell and taste of food, improving the quality of food and prolonging the shelf life of food. It is called the soul of modern food industry and has great market development potential.

With the development and improvement of Food Additives application technology, people in the application of Food Additivess more and more widely used in a complex way, that is, compound Food Additivess. The use of Food Additivess can overcome the shortcomings of a single material, play the advantages of the composition of the material, its use is often more than a single use of Food Additivess effect is more significant.

Various preservatives have their own range of effects, compound use of synergistic effect, which can be achieved to expand the scope of antibacterial and improve the purpose of antibacterial effect. Acid preservatives can be used in conjunction with their salts and esters of the same acid, and can also use long preservatives (such as sorbic acid and its salts) with preservatives that act quickly but with poor durability (eg, hydrogen peroxide) Use, these two ways can enhance the effect of preservatives. Another way to use preservatives is to use with synergists, such as citric acid, EDTA, ascorbic acid, etc., also has good corrosion resistance.

The use of a variety of food colloidal synergies between the use of composite configuration method, can produce a variety of composite glue to meet the different requirements of food production. Such as xanthan gum, konjac gum compound, even if the lower concentration can still form a gel, tragacanth and xanthan gum have synergistic effect of mutual synergies. Thicker has a better synergistic combination of CMCL and CMCL fat and locust bean gum.

Composite leavening agents are mainly used in the market for convenience foods and baked goods. Which according to product requirements to select the appropriate gas production rate of acid salts, such as sodium bicarbonate in humid air or in hot air that is slowly decomposed to produce carbon dioxide; case of acid is a strong decomposition of carbon dioxide, is a good loose agent. Potassium tartrate is a relatively stable nature of the acidic salts, sodium bicarbonate and potassium tartrate complex, which potassium hydrogen tartrate in the composite leavening agent and carbonate to neutralize the reaction to reduce the alkalinity of the finished product to ensure quality , There is an important role is to control the reaction process of gas production speed. The use of acid salt decomposition characteristics to control the leaching agent of the gas production process, can greatly improve the ability of leavening agent.

Food Additivess are an important part of the modern food industry, according to the provisions of the use of Food Additivess on the human body is harmless, and can improve the quality of food and color, smell, taste, and anti-corrosion, fresh. It is because of the development of Food Additivess, only a large number of convenient food supply, only to people's lives to bring great convenience. If you really do not add Food Additivess, most of the food is either ugly, unpalatable or difficult to keep fresh, or is more expensive; some food if you do not use preservatives more dangerous, not only will cause a lot of food due to corruption and loss Will be caused by microbial effects of food poisoning. Therefore, there is no Food Additivess without modern food companies and products.

Countries around the world of Food Additivess category, the use of categories and dosage standards are not uniform. And China's exports of food, in which Food Additivess are strictly in accordance with local regulatory standards, while in the domestic market of Food Additivess must also meet the relevant standards. So often hear a certain amount of imported food exceeded, it is simply because the national standards are not unified due.

Therefore, Food Additivess are not poison. In the case of ensuring safety, it will make food more delicious, better look, and more quality. And even some Food Additivess are also particularly nutritious, beneficial to the growth or development of people or special people.

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