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Food Additives Improve The Quality Of Food And Prolong The Shelf Life Of Food
Oct 26, 2017

 We must be away for food additives. In fact, there is a concept that has been switched-additives are not equal to food additives, food additives should not be simplified as additives. And the reason the food additive will take the blame, is because in concept we are too simple and rough to confuse them.

In fact, food additives are just one of many additives. Additives include: feed additives, pharmaceutical additives, plastic additives, paint additives, ink additives, gasoline additives. Melamine is also an additive, but it is a cement additive, which is used as a high efficiency water-reducing agent in the cement, as well as a plastic additive, as a flame retardant in plastics, and as a coating additive in the coating as a formaldehyde absorbent. However, melamine is not a food additive.

Compound food additive is a combination of 2 or more kinds of food additive materials, which is made up of a certain processing technology, which can improve food quality and facilitate food processing. It mainly includes the compound preservative, the compound emulsifier, the compound sweetener, the compound sour agent, the compound swelling agent, the compound coagulation agent, the compound color-matching agent and the compound defoaming agent.

Food additive plays an important role in modern food industry. It has played an important role in improving food color, aroma, taste and improving processing conditions, improving the quality of food and prolonging the shelf life of food, which is called the soul of modern food industry and has great potential of market development.

With the development and improvement of the application technology of food additive, it is more and more widely used in food additive, that is, the compound food additive. The compound use of food additive can overcome the shortcoming of single material, exert the advantages of each constituent material, its use is more obvious than the single food additive effect.

Various preservatives have their own scope of action, composite use has synergistic effect, which can be achieved to expand the scope of bacteriostatic and improve the effect of bacteriostatic. The acid preservative can be used in conjunction with its salts and esters of the same acid, and the preservative (such as Sls acid and its salts) can be used in conjunction with the preservative that acts quickly but with poor durability (such as hydrogen peroxide), and these 2 methods can enhance the effect of preservatives. Another way to add preservatives is to use with synergist, such as with citric acid, EDTA, ascorbic acid, etc., also has good anti-corrosion performance.

Using the synergistic effect of various kinds of food colloid, the compound configuration method can produce many kinds of compound glue to meet the different requirements of food production. such as xanthan gum, Konjac gum compound use, even if the lower concentration can still form gel, yellow yarrow Gum and xanthan gum all have synergism synergistic effect. The thickening agent has the good synergism effect combination also has the CMCL gum and the cmcl fat and the locust bean gum.

Compound bulking agent is mainly used in the market for convenience food and baked food. According to the product requirements of the choice of the appropriate gas production speed of acidic salts, such as sodium bicarbonate in humid air or in hot air is slowly decomposed, resulting in carbon dioxide, acid is strongly decomposed to produce carbon dioxide, is a good loose agent. Potassium hydrogen tartrate is a stable acidic salts, sodium bicarbonate and potassium tartrate compound, in which potassium tartrate in the compound swelling agent and carbonate in the reaction, and reduce the quality of the finished product to ensure that, there is an important role is to control the process of production of gas reaction speed. Using the decomposition characteristics of salts to control the gas production process of the bulking agent, the ability of the bulking agent can be fully improved.

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