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Food Additives Extend The Shelf Life Of Food
May 11, 2017

Food Additives The definition of food additives varies from country to country, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Food and Agriculture Organization (WHO) Joint Food Regulations Committee define food additives as: food additives are consciously generally added in small quantities to food Appearance, flavor and organizational structure or storage of non-nutritive substances. In accordance with this definition, food enhancers for the purpose of enhancing the nutritional content of food should not be included in the range of food additives.

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) Joint Food Regulations Committee:

Food additives are non-nutritious substances that are consciously generally added in small amounts to food in order to improve the appearance, flavor, structure or storage properties of the food.


Food additives are any substances that are artificially added to foodstuffs for technical purposes during the production, processing, preparation, handling, packaging, transportation or storage of foodstuffs.

United States:

Food additives are substances that are intended to be used, which cause or are expected to result in their direct or indirect use as food ingredients or affecting food characteristics.


In accordance with Article 54 of the Food Sanitation Law of the People's Republic of China and Article 28 of the Measures for the Administration of Hygienic Measures for Food Additives, and Article 2 of the Measures for the Administration of Sanitary Measures for Food and Nutrition Enhancers and Article 9 of the Food Safety Law of the People's Republic of China Chinese food additives are defined as: food additives, refers to the improvement of food quality and color, smell and taste and for the preservation, preservation and processing technology needs to join the food in the synthetic or natural substances.

In accordance with GB2760-2011 "Food Safety National Standard Food Additive Standard" [1], the food additive is defined as "to improve food quality and color, smell, taste, and for the preservation, preservation and processing technology needs to join the food Synthetic or natural substances. Nutrition enhancers, food spices, gum base candy in the base of the material, the food industry with processing aids are also included.


Food additives have the following three characteristics: First, to join the food in the material, so it is generally not alone as food to eat; the second is both synthetic materials, including natural substances; third is added to the food The aim is to improve the quality of food and color, smell, taste and for the preservation, preservation and processing needs


Food Additives ≠ Illegal Additives

The public talk about food additive discoloration, and the more reason is to confuse the concept of illegal additives and food additives, it is unfair to put some illegal addicts on the head of food additives. "General Office of the State Council on the crackdown on food illegally add behavior to effectively strengthen the supervision of food additives," the requirements of the provisions of the use of food additives production: non-use of non-food production of complex food additives, not to identify the logo is not standardized, unknown source of food additives , Serious investigation of over-range, over-limit and other abuse of food additives behavior, and requires the end of 2011 to develop and publish compound food additives universal safety standards and food additives logo standards.

Need to crack down on the illegal addition of food behavior, the urgent need to regulate the production and use of food additives. There are some problems with food additives, such as unknown sources, or material misconduct, the most prone to problems is abuse.

Experts remind the public, the food additives without excessive panic, with the relevant national standards will soon be introduced, the production and use of food additives will be more standardized. Of course, should strengthen self-protection awareness, and more understanding of food safety-related knowledge, in particular, do not buy color too Yan, taste too thick, abnormal taste of food.

main effect

Food additives have greatly contributed to the development of the food industry, and known as the soul of the modern food industry, which is mainly to the food industry to bring many benefits, its main role is as follows:

To prevent deterioration

For example, preservatives can prevent food spoilage caused by microorganisms, prolong food shelf life, and prevent food poisoning caused by microbial contamination. Another example: antioxidants can prevent or delay the oxidation of food deterioration, to provide food stability and resistance to storage, but also to prevent the possible harmful oil automatic oxidation of the formation. In addition, can also be used to prevent food, especially fruits, vegetables, enzymatic browning and non-enzymatic browning. These are the preservation of food is a certain significance.

Improve the senses

Improve the sensory properties of food

Appropriate use of colorants, colorants, bleach, edible spices and emulsifiers, thickeners and other food additives, can significantly improve the sensory quality of food to meet people's different needs.

Keep nutrition

Maintain improved nutritional value

The proper addition of some food nutrition enhancers to the natural nutrient range in food processing can greatly improve the nutritional value of food, which is important for preventing malnutrition and nutritional deficiencies, promoting nutritional balance and improving people's health.

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