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Food Additives Can Effectively Maintain The Quality Of Food In The Shelf Life
Aug 03, 2017

With the continuous development of China's food industry technology, food additives more and more widely used, in general, it is to improve food quality and color, smell, taste, and for the preservation and preservation of the need to join the food in the synthetic Or natural substances.

At present, China's food additives according to the function of dozens of categories, including acidity regulator, sweeteners, colorants, color protection agents, antioxidants, leavening agents and preservatives. However, in recent years, with the frequent occurrence of food safety incidents, the safety of food additives has aroused widespread concern.

1, the role of food additives in food

1) can effectively extend the shelf life of food, easy to save

Food from the production to the food will go through a long period of time, in the process to prevent food deterioration, it may be used to food additives. Preservatives in food additives can prevent the deterioration of food caused by microorganisms, to achieve the role of extended shelf life. Antioxidants can prevent or prolong the oxidative deterioration of food ingredients, the application of these two food additives can effectively maintain the quality of food during the shelf life, improve food stability and resistance to storage.

2) improve the sensory properties of food

At present, people for the color of food and so have a higher demand, but in food processing, it will inevitably cause some damage to the color and taste of food, to bring some impact on sales, and application of bleach, coloring agent And food flavor spices, etc., will significantly improve the sensory quality of food to improve the sensory properties of food.

3) improve food nutrition

In the food processing appropriate to add some of the body's nutritional supplements and enzyme preparations, can effectively compensate for the lack of nutrients in the original food, to the body to add more nutrition.

4) is conducive to the processing of food operations

In the food processing process, may need to thicken or solidify the food operation, if you do not use food additives, because the operation is more difficult, may not achieve the desired food effect. Therefore, through the use of these food additives, can significantly improve food production efficiency, to ensure the economic benefits of food production.

2, food additives in food applications in the problem

1) food additives overdose, super-range use

According to state regulations, food processing plants in the use of food additives to be accurate calculations, once the excess, it may affect people's health, and there are still many enterprises in China there are overdose use of food additives, as well as Some companies do not have to buy accurate measurement equipment, resulting in excessive food additives. There are enterprises in the production of the use of food additives, but later the use of complex food additives, repeated use of food additives lead to a serious overweight, the people's body caused a serious threat, and even poisoning.

In addition, for the use of food additives, the state is strictly prohibited in the food to add non-food additives or people's health hazards of chemical substances, but there are some companies do not follow laws and regulations, the use of national regulations prohibited additives, such as Red duck eggs used in the red, if people long-term consumption of these non-food additives will cause great harm to the body.

2) violation of the labeling requirements of food additives

At present, there are many manufacturers do not comply with national regulations, in the food packaging, not clear or incorrectly marked food additives, and some will even mark the product does not contain food additives to deceive consumers, seriously damage the interests of consumers, but also Will make people think that products that do not contain food additives are pollution-free, misleading consumers to the understanding of food additives.

3) Use poor or expired food additives

Food additives in the long-term storage will be a chemical change, there are many manufacturers in order to save costs, the use of shelf life or poor quality food additives, so that food can not only achieve the original effect, but also may release harmful substances, serious Affect food safety.

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