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Food Additives Better Save Food
May 17, 2017

Food additives make food choices more diverse

The history of the development of food additives with the history of the development of the food industry, its main role is reflected in two aspects, one is to meet the needs of processing technology, one is to meet our taste or nutrition needs.

We can buy a wide variety of food in the supermarket, rather than waiting for the scene production, this convenience is largely due to food additives. Such as preservatives, before the food industry, people can only close to the purchase of food, the need for long-distance transport or long-term preservation of food can only pickled, smoked, air-dried, fermentation and other means. The presence of preservatives makes it difficult to preserve food in the past to achieve long-distance transport, even at home can enjoy the delicious food around the world.

Before the edible oil, twist, nuts and other food often have Hala taste, and now this situation is much less, this is because we have antioxidants. And sweeteners saccharin, Acesulfame, aspartame, etc., their sweetness is much higher than the sugar, not only can reduce food costs, reduce energy intake, but also to meet the desire of diabetes in the sweets.

Food additives are not good or evil, mistakenly demonized

We have been inseparable from the food additives, should be calmly accepted, certainly their food safety, delicious and convenient contribution, but consumers should avoid excessive pursuit of taste, color, taste, accept the natural characteristics of food, and fine Look at the ingredients on the packaging instructions, wisely choose the food.

Food additives are no good or evil, good people used to do food, the wicked people used to do bad things. Rational use of preservatives food will not harm health: the ancient Greek doctors Paracelsus have a famous saying, "all things are toxic, the key is how much you eat and eat the length of time." We drink more water like water, salt, eat more than the same poisoning.

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