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Food Additives A Good Preservative
Sep 26, 2017

In order to get the taste and taste of food, food flavoring essential. Acid conditioner is a kind of flavor, also called sour agent. In the food to add sour agent,Food Additives can give people refreshing stimulation, from the role of increasing appetite, and has a certain anti-corrosion effect. It is generally divided into inorganic acids and organic acids, food commonly used inorganic acid is phosphoric acid,Food Additives commonly used organic acids are: citric acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, tartaric acid, malic acid, fumaric acid, ascorbic acid, gluconic acid and so on.

Phosphoric acid in the beverage industry can replace citric acid and malic acid, especially for the use of citric acid is not suitable for non-fruit drinks for sour agents. In the brewing industry can be used as a pH regulator, yeast yeast in the yeast nutrient solution, promote cell growth. In animal fats can also be used in conjunction with antioxidants, sugar in the process of sugar as a clarifier.

Citric acid is present in plants and animal tissues and milk, and citrus fruits are higher. Crystalline citric acid is white transparent or white crystalline powder. Anhydrous citric acid is colorless or white powder, odorless and sour taste. Citric acid is the most versatile,Food Additives the most versatile sour agent, has a high solubility, strong chelating ability of metal ions, in addition to food used as sour agent, but also used as preservatives, antioxidant synergist, pH adjusters and the like. Its maximum dosage according to the normal production needs, ADI unlimited.

Lactic acid was originally found in yogurt. Food lactic acid (50% content) can be used as a sour cream in refreshing beverages, yogurt drinks, synthetic wine, synthetic vinegar, spicy soy sauce, pickles and the like. Yogurt made with lactic acid fermentation, sauerkraut not only the role of seasoning,Food Additives as well as the role of anti-bacterial reproduction.

Malic acid, more content in the apple, hence the name. Its sourness is soft and long lasting, theoretically can replace all or most of the citric acid used in food and beverages, and in the same effect, the average amount of citric acid less than 8% to 12% (mass fraction) The Especially malic acid for fruit flavor food, carbonated drinks, etc., can effectively improve its fruit flavor. In the United States,Food Additives malic acid is being used in new foods. Maximum dosage according to normal production needs, ADI no special provisions.

Preservative As the name suggests is to keep vegetables, fruits, meat and other perishable food fresh food additives. Because there are preservatives, supermarkets selling ham, sausage,Food Additives canned meat and other food can be maintained for a long time in its flavor; because of the preservative, we can eat from all over the country to long-distance transport from the field Fresh vegetables, fruit.

Food commonly used preservative benzoic acid, butyl hydroxy anisole and dibutylhydroxytoluene and so on. Among them, butyl hydroxy anisole is a good preservative,Food Additives in the standard limited concentration of no toxicity, the maximum amount of food in the fat should not exceed 0.2 g / kg, the amount of 0.02% when compared to 0.01% The antioxidant effect increased by 10%. Butyl hydroxy anisole as a fat-soluble antioxidant, suitable for fat food and fat-rich food, because of its good thermal stability, it can be used in the fry or baking conditions.

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