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Concrete Preservatives Solve The Problem Of Corrosion Of Building Facilities
Nov 10, 2016

Concrete preservatives are building materials industry, a wide range of application, the use of the environment is mainly coastal areas, there are gypsum strata of these natural areas of the building is the road construction, as well as tunnel construction, bridge engineering, housing Construction, as well as the construction of ordinary civilian infrastructure, but also for chemical pollution in the region, such as the sewage system in the culvert, as well as chemical pollution in areas such as pipelines, as long as this type, containing a high acid concentration Of the region, can be used,

Why is the use of concrete preservatives in the salt soil of the area, because such areas there are a lot of salt in the soil, salt and can play a role in corrosion, soluble salt has a great corrosive effect, especially for highways so Of the building facilities, there are those for infrastructure construction, underground construction and other things, have a strong corrosive, resulting in a highly corrosive environment, making these objects greatly reduced life expectancy, but also reduces the safety Of the performance, durability is also greatly reduced, so the corrosion problem in these areas is very serious, has become a great problem, to be resolved.

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