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Specific environmental coatings - anti-static coatings
Nov 10, 2016

Specific environmental coatings are those with a special function, mainly applied to a particular environment of the coating products, such as anti-static coatings, such as high temperature anti-corrosion coatings. Today, we also come through these two representative of the anti-corrosion coating products for specific environmental coatings awareness.

Anti-static coating: It is also known as the conductive surface coating, is a kind of rapid conduction of static electricity and the release of static electricity a good conductor, the use of anti-static coating, from industrial buildings and equipment designed to use static electricity paint, it works Can be a short time 10s-20s, the discharge static voltage savings, so as to prevent long-term savings table to avoid the discharge caused by fire or damage to electronic components of the accident. Many of my friends think that anti-static coating is the protection of static electricity, this idea is wrong, static electricity generation and savings which is a natural objective fact, people can not and can not resist the existence of such a fact.

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