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Special anti - corrosion coating instructions
Nov 10, 2016

Most of the high-temperature anti-corrosion coating (high temperature plastic) as the carrier, the maximum temperature is generally not more than 400 degrees Celsius, more than the temperature will occur carbonization or softening, and inorganic series of high temperature adhesives are able to withstand at least 1000 High temperature, inorganic zinc silicate high temperature E06-500, widely used, thin coating can play a very good anti-oxidation effect of anti-corrosion, thick coating not only can play a very good anti-oxidation effect of anti-corrosion, but also Can play to the insulation effect. Can be used as ceramic, glass, metal and other coating materials, widely used in metallurgical kilns, quartz heating pipe white, coal-fired power plant milling system impact corrosion wear coating coatings, automotive engine spark plug ceramic coating anti-carbon, steel Logo, logo glass logo, high temperature glass ink, aerospace and many other industrial fields. Spray at room temperature on glass, ceramics, metal and other objects on the surface, low temperature drying or room temperature from the dry, very good adhesion with the surface, hard wear-resistant scratch, no cracking, excellent performance

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