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Paint industry forecast report has been published
Nov 10, 2016

According to the depth of China's coatings and ink market research data and data, the convergence of the authoritative advisory results from the industry, focusing on China's coatings and ink industry products, industry chain, market, business, policy and other aspects of the real situation; The market includes the product category, the market capacity, the production and marketing scale, the price quotation, the technical characteristic, the raw material supply, the consumer group, the consumption structure, the region pattern, import and export, brand competition, enterprise competition, industry policy, investment scale, profit forecast, industry prospect All aspects, is concerned about the paint and ink industry has entered, not into the enterprise and the capital of the necessary reference to the information, investors have an excellent reference value.

Based on the data of enterprise interview, product user questionnaire, NBS data, customs import and export data and trade association data, this report adopts the methods of multi-channel contrast correction and sampling statistical analysis to ensure the accuracy and rationality of the data.

The report is written by quantitative analysis, quantitative and qualitative analysis combined, in-depth mining of data inherent in the inherent law and potential information at the same time using statistical charts, analysis and other forms of the results clear and intuitive to show to facilitate readers Interpretation Analysis.

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