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Characteristics and Effects of High Temperature Resistant Coatings
Nov 10, 2016

1, high temperature coating has a very strong adhesion and toughness is very good, adapted to stainless steel, aluminum, ceramic and bamboo charcoal material coating, but also because of it is a green environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body products ;

2, high temperature coating can be long-term use under normal high-temperature conditions and does not affect its luster and color stability;

3, high temperature coating products have a very good anti-corrosion properties and high hardness and wear resistance, by the boiling water, salt water, and so on when the anti-corrosion can also maintain long-term effective work;

Application of high temperature anti-corrosion coating effect:

1, high temperature coating products in the case of 1100 degrees, the surface of the object coated with 8mm, the surface temperature of the object can be reduced to at least 100 or so;

2, in some places where the need to prevent the temperature leakage, such as the furnace surface coated with 6mm high temperature anti-corrosion coating products, to a small reduction of 30% of the heat loss;

3, high temperature coating products is a good insulation products, so the use of high temperature conditions have a very good insulation effect;

4, high temperature coating is always a high temperature conditions, the application of the product, so the use of high temperature conditions without any smell and deformation is not decomposed;

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