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Characteristics and Composition of High Temperature Anti - corrosion Coatings
Nov 10, 2016

High temperature anti-corrosion coating is a high temperature environment which can be long-term protection of the matrix corrosion, oxidation, closed, wear protection and other effects of anti-corrosion coating products. Its coating stability is very high, in the high temperature environment and other active molecules and longer service life; this product is more than the application of high-temperature furnace metal, in the high-temperature flame can be effective protection A high-temperature furnace metal corrosion resistance and improve the resistance of acid and alkali to protect the metal will not be anti-oxidation, closed the role of protection, etc. It has overcome the general anti-corrosion coatings at high temperatures has a very non-application, the temperature is not up to standard Appear from the skin, cracked, discoloration and other defects. High temperature coating has a very high stability and resistance to impact wear resistance, high temperature environment and other active molecules react, so that the furnace life longer.

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